Forget the compromises you made till now, since thanks to the Sweet & Balance, a balanced and special diet now acquires a fantastic and sweet taste through the large variety of the complete series of Sweet & Balance desserts.

Enjoy your favourite desserts Millefeuille and Cheesecake Sweet & Balance , the delicious combination of biscuits and creme patissiere with Sweet & Balance Cookies & Cream, the mouth-watering Sweet & Balance Créme Caramele, the velvety Sweet & Balance milk dessert, the fluffy Sweet & Balance Cake, the one of a kind Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Mini Chocolates Sweet & Balance, the refreshing Sweet & Balance jelly dessert in cherry or strawberry flavours or Sweet & Balance Mix for Ice Cream Vanille or Chocolate and the Sweet & Balance Mousse Chocolate Flavour with the light taste.Create your own delicious desserts with Sweet & Balance Créme Patissiere, add rich chocolate taste to your desserts or drinks with Sweet & Balance Syrup and sweeten your coffee or tea with Sweet & Balance Tabletop sweetener in tablets as well as your sweet creations with Sweet & Balance Tabletop sweetener granulated.

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