Sweet & Balance: An ally in low Glycemic Index diets

All the desserts in the new Sweet & Balance product line, have a low Glycemic Index and are suitable for a low Glycemic Index diet plan.

The Sweet & Balance desserts, as foods with low Glycemic Index, release slowly and steadily glucose and consequently energy in the body, giving an extended feeling of satiety and reducing the feeling of hunger. On the contrary, a sudden increase of the blood sugar level caused by foods with high Glycemic Index leads to a subsequent sudden reduction (hypoglycemia), resulting in a feeling of hunger much faster.

The new generation of Sweet & Balance desserts gives to the dessert the place it deserves in a healthy diet. It is comprised of products that combine the characteristics of a healthy and balanced diet, such as: no sugar, fibres, limited calories and fat, and with the unique taste guaranteed by the JOTIS name.

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