New generation of Sweet & Balance desserts: Great alternatives!

If you always believed that sweets and desserts load you up with unnecessary calories and fats, and could not be included in your eating plan, the new Sweet & Balance desserts without sugar and with low Glycemic Index are here to change things!

The new Sweet & Balance desserts give to the dessert the place it deserves in a healthy diet. All desserts of the product line combine the characteristics of a healthy and balanced diet, such as: no sugar, fibres, limited calories and fat, and with the unique taste guaranteed by the JOTIS name. They are ideal for those who watch  their nutrition, are on a diet to maintain or lose weight and even for individuals who follow a special diet for controlling their blood sugar levels, cholesterol etc.

All Sweet & Balance desserts, as foods with a low Glycemic Index, slowly and steadily release glucose and consequently energy in the body, giving an extended feeling of satiety and reducing the feeling of hunger. This enables us to avoid snacking, which is usually the cause for weight increase.

Greek clinical trials show that individuals who consumed Sweet & Balance up to 4 times / week for 3 months, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, lost an average of 3-4 kilos, presented reduction of their Body Mass Index (BMI), and stated they did not feel deprivation and were more inclined to follow their diet with greater consistency and without large deviations.

In this way you don’t have to sacrifice what you like to eat as long as you select products with ingredients that guarantee a low Glycemic Index. Now you can even enjoy desserts, as long as they have the following characteristics: low Glycemic Index, improved caloric and fat profile i.e. a piece of Sweet & Balance millefeuille or cheesecake prepared with Sweet & Balance Crème Patissiere Vanilla Flavour.

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