Sweet & Balance: Suitable for low sugar diet scheme

The new Sweet & Balance product line is a complete series of desserts without sugar. Due to their specially designed compositions, they may be introduced  in a low sugar diet scheme with the guidance and the agreement of a specialized doctor or nutritionist.

All the Sweet & Balance products have low Glycemic Index and low Glycemic Load and contribute to better blood glucose control, meaning the better control of blood sugar levels without large fluctuations. 

The Sweet & Balance products, instead of sugar, contain stevia, an all-natural alternative to sugar, which has zero caloric value. Stevia does not metabolized by the human body and does not affect blood sugar levels. It also keeps its sweetening properties during boiling and cooking.Finally, stevia is recognized by competent scientific authorities and is completely safe.

The Sweet & Balance products have an improved dietary profile compared to regular desserts. They are also enriched with fibres, which are recommended in special diets for blood sugar control, while contributing to a healthy digestive system and giving an extended feeling of satiety.

Each package of the Sweet & Balance products has detailed information on the nutritional value of the desserts, the food exchanges per serving, as well as an enclosed leaflet with extra recipes.

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